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  • Wireless Infrastructure to Enable a Connected World

    Welcome to our blog. Stay informed on current and upcoming American Tower initiatives, campaigns, and solutions, and follow the latest wireless industry technologies, news, and events.

    Microsoft Airband ISP Program

    Closing the Rural Broadband Gap

    Steps we’re taking to help extend broadband network access to unserved and underserved rural areas of the country through the Microsoft Airband initiative.

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    Recent Posts

    Managed Networks

    Rooftops for Urban Network Optimization

    Making it more efficient for mobile network operators and Vertical Market customers to collocate on prime rooftop sites for urban market densification and fixed wireless offerings.

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    Customer Service

    Service First: Our Latest Steps to Serve You Better

    As promised in my last blog, here’s a summary of some of the most recent steps we’ve taken to ensure you enjoy a consistent and positive experience, every time you choose to work with us.

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    Let Us Help

    At American Tower, we take customer service seriously. Our customers are encouraged to share their feedback, and we take action, with the goal of continually making it easier to work with us. We are committed to providing ongoing support to every customer, every step of the way.