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    Leverage Our Expertise to Grow Your Business

    Expanding operations and branching into new territories comes with risks and rewards. Market insight, speed to market, and easy access to towers in the right locations are all crucial to success.


    Get Exclusive WISP Offers

    Check out our exclusive WISP program offers, designed to work for your unique business needs, with special pricing and benefits for expanding rural broadband.







    Identify Opportunities for Success

    Get expert insight into the factors that influence success. American Tower provides industry intelligence to help you grow at a rate that maximizes ROI. We provide:

    • Population and market data to help you identify key geographic areas for expansion
    • Details about the number of households you can reach from the tower to help you identify key sites
    • Radio Frequency (RF) engineering expertise to help you pinpoint the right location on the tower for equipment installation
    • Free, interactive webinars with industry analysts and experts to provide insight to best practices for broadband network deployments

    Accelerate Time to Market

    Supplement your resources with access to systems and people dedicated to getting you connected faster—whether you’re building a new network or expanding an existing network:

    • Search for towers, apply for sites, and track projects online.
    • Review your strategy and execution plan with WISP industry veterans to reduce the risk of unexpected delays.
    • Collaborate with teams who have the resources, experience, and know-how needed to meet your deadlines.
    • Find ideal towers in remote and rural locations to support your expansion.

    Altius Broadband Expands in Rural Areas

    Altius Broadband
    American Tower has been great to work with. The sheer number of possible sites is obviously the big upside, but the swiftness of the application process and the reasonable rates seal the deal.

    - Jim Connor, CEO, Altius Broadband


    Bluebird Broadband Services Accelerates Business

    Bluebird Broadband
    American Tower sought our business, supports us well, and sees us a valid partner no different from a national carrier. It's all about attitude, and American Tower's attitude is right where it needs to be.

    - Tony Downs, General Manager, Bluebird Broadband Services


    Meet Our Team

    Stephen Shields

    Stephen Shields

    Director, Vertical Markets

    Stephen, a technical sales leader with over two decades of telecommunications experience, has managed nationwide teams using a consultative approach to build and maintain long-lasting customer relationships. Currently, he oversees a team of sales managers focused on the energy, ISP, and government industries.

    Rick Olivares

    Rick Olivares

    Manager, Vertical Markets

    Rick is a skilled telecommunications and sales professional, with more than 18 years of industry experience helping customers identify and meet wireless network business objectives. Currently, he’s leading business development for WISPs in the Western U.S.

    Ryan Peterson

    Ryan Peterson

    Manager, Vertical Markets

    Ryan has more than 10 years of telecommunications industry experience. He joined the American Tower sales organization in 2015, and since 2017 has been working exclusively with WISPs in the Eastern U.S., helping customers grow revenues by deploying and strengthening wireless broadband networks.


    More About Our Solutions


    Let Us Help

    At American Tower, we take customer service seriously. Our customers are encouraged to share their feedback, and we take action, with the goal of continually making it easier to work with us. We are committed to providing ongoing support to every customer, every step of the way.